Stock Horse Pedigree Charts with Photos

  • 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 14" Prints
  • All the information about your favourite horse on one page
  • Six generation charts
  • Many famous horses
  • Race Horses, Arabians and others

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Custom Horse Pedigree Charts with Photos

All I need is five photos and the name of the sire and dam. Please contact me for more information.


My Horses

The proceeds from the sale of my picture pedigree charts go towards the care of my three beautiful horses. I also contribute to several race horse charities. From left to right: Morgan horse King Karrot, Thoroughbred Additur and Appaloosa Sierra Gold Rush.

Karrot is a wonderful horse to ride, we've had him for several years. He came from a ranch that rented trail horses where he'd ended up after being sold at auction. He is also trained to pull a cart.

Additur is a race horse and ran in 11 races until he bowed a tendon. We found him in an area a short walk form our house. He was very thin and by himself behind a barbed wire fence. We saw him advertised at our local store. The people selling him said he came from the track and that they got him at auction. They told us he wouldn't eat. We walked him down the road to our house and he has been with us ever since. We also found out he does eat!

Sierra I have had all her life but she is not ridden anymore because of arthritic knees. She is still able to get around and is enjoying life with her companion Karrot.

The three horses now live in Southern California where we moved in 2012,